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Bribe, Swindle or Steal

Nov 29, 2017

Nicola Bonucci, Director for Legal Affairs at the OECD, reflects on 20 years of the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention.

Nov 22, 2017

David Green, the Director of the SFO, talks about the SFO’s priorities, changes he has made as Director and what’s next for him.

Nov 20, 2017

Our “spotlight” series takes a closer look at one country.  Today, Paul Holden of Corruption Watch talks about Zuma’s presidency, the Gupta family and the bribery scandal in South Africa.

Nov 15, 2017

Will Fitzgibbon, an ICIJ reporter on the Paradise Papers team, describes this latest tranche of documents.  He discusses the corrosive nature of offshore accounts, even in those cases where they are technically legal.

Nov 13, 2017

Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb while reporting on corruption in Malta.  Roberto Montalto, her lawyer, describes her courage, her work and the loss of a Maltese institution.